Z-Ro Real Lyrics

Screwed Up Click Representa' Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Does It Matter? (skit) (intro)
  • 2 Real
  • 3 Gorilla
  • 4 Life
  • 5 Gotta Let Go (skit)
  • 6 U Gotta Let Go
  • 7 Tha Third Coast
  • 8 Plex
  • 9 H.A.T.E.
  • 10 Southside Can't Stop
  • 11 All Night
  • 12 How Does It Feel
  • 13 Freestyle
  • 14 My Sermon
  • 15 S.U.C. 4 Life
  • 16 Maintain
  • 17 Final Curtain Call
  • f/ Kevo, Lil' O

    [Hook - 2x]
    Come with me, ain't nothing changed I'm the same old G
    Seem like it's my to shine, like the diamond cut in my grill
    La da da da da, I'm real

    You can catch me flipping, and sipping and smoking
    Up in the turning lane, with the doors wide open
    We serious bout our habits, we never be choking
    Catch us chain smoking, and violently choking
    Why don't you wanna light up the blunt, that's in your hand
    I'll pat ya with the 4-4, that is for sure man
    Ain't no more breaking a leaf, ain't nothing but that dro man
    Mess around and get too tipsey, you'll be on the floor man
    Popping up, until I feel about as strong as four man
    We don't smoke rocks but they are over our hand
    Remember back in the day, I use to be a poor man
    Now I'm gifted and sipping daily, with jewelry frozen

    [Hook - 2x]

    [Lil' O]
    Uh, they say I'm acting funny, they saying O's strange
    They saying no don't come around, nigga O's changed
    Man O tripping man what's going down in O's brain
    Talking down on me, them niggas still ain't having no change
    See I don't really talk it, I just live it
    I don't say I'm gonna, I just get it
    Give a playa the ball, he 'pose to run with it
    But these niggas rapping gossip, like some dumb bitches
    Like how he get that Benz, how he get that dough
    Yeah I got some bread, but wanna get some more
    See I went from grinding, all in front the liqour store
    To a made man, I'm top knotch nigga role
    And you could do it too, this should inspire you
    To get ya change, get out the game and retire fool
    Before these streets fuck around, and retire you
    You saying O ain't real, you a liar fool

    [Hook - 2x]

    Mama say she hate game, but can't avoid mine
    She know Vo' ain't giving shit to a hoe, but hard dick and hard times
    I'm the homicidal Hitchcock
    A sex addict and a weed fanatic, so tell me how could shit stop
    Cause I'm real, ask Ro' I ask hoe how I spill
    I spit rocks at my grill that's worth a mill, yeah a million bucks
    My mouth piece armed with invisible sets and trillion cuts
    This boy throwed, I thought they told you nigga Presidential code
    You can see it, when I'm hauling in my load
    My Escalade, all work no play
    23 screens and eight 15's, that's tucked away
    So you can, keep watching me and
    I'ma pop this E man, after ecstasy the desert eagle
    Followed up with a solo performance, from my HK to all ya people bitches

    [Hook - 2x]

    Written by: Sylvester Stewart, Tommy Sims, Israel Houghton
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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