Copywrite & Surock Real One Lyrics

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I told this bitch like
You got to blow me
Before you get to know me
These hoes don't love you, you know?

Born to be wild, it's like be wired
You let me out
This bitch is like child birth
Oo, wtf girl?
And it happened
Different day
You ought to piss me off
And the water is really deep
You run me wild
You said : let's come and die

Hold on niggaz
Let me first get my coat on
And my gold is with me
That's my butler, his name is Hendrix
I have no game
My game is on famous bitches
Rudolf the red nose, I have him in the garage
The equilibrium is off and that is not a MIG
It's your girlfriend's back and the world's back
Friends and stacks cause I'm the real one
I'm the real one
Yeah,I'm the real one
I'm the real one
Yeah I'm the real one
I'm the real one

Uncle Phil throwin' Jazz out
Watch the throne
Sex,drugs,crack heads,rock'n roll
Professional hockey, that's not my goal
The only time you will be behind the bars
Is layin' '
You don't know me C.O.P
Now fuck that, low key like bottom lock
Can't make the dead boat to your flee
I got it locked
Now see my hoes, I wanna blow the boy
I mean they suck really hard, like soldier boy
When I was young I used to wish I was older, boy
He's upfront, now he's older.boy
Yeah I walk in the place and hoes say:ooh, the boy
Cause I'm the real one
I'm the real one
I'm the real one

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