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Céline Dion Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You don't have to give me rings on my fingers
Promise me the moon and the stars in the sky
Or bring me roses just to show me you love me
That isn't going to win this heart of mine
All the diamonds you can buy won't impress me
Pretty words aren't gonna prove your love
I need more than just tokens of affection
I'm not asking for too much now baby
I don't need fancy cars
Just need something from the heart, whoa

I need real emotion
Feel, got to feel it inside
Give me that real emotion
Because I need some
Need to feel some tonight
Give me a love that's genuine
Real emotion, real emotion

[Verse 2]
Show me something that my heart can believe in
Imitation love doesn't mean a thing
Baby it's going to be the real thing or nothing
Show me what it's going to be now baby
I'm not asking much from you
Just a love that's deep and true, whoa


[Verse 3]
Not a cheap imitation of love
I need something that's real
I can feel in my heart baby
I've been waiting so long
For a love, for a love, for a love that's strong
I don't need fancy cars
Just need something from the heart, whoa


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