Killer Mike Reagan Lyrics

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..of the bullet
Some freedom...
What we ever do...just keep sentiment for..
We brag on having bread...
We all talk having greens, but none of us...
If none of us will make us
If none of us... and none of us grow weak
Then who will feed our people when our people need to eat?
So since our people starve for lack of understanding
Cause always seem to give them some bowling and some dancing
..and imaginary mansions
We should be... for worship we're...
..children death, impotent and it's exciting
We are advertisements for agony and pain
We explore the youth, we tell them to join the gang
We tell them dope stories, introduce them to the game
..introduced us to cocaine
In the 80s when the bricks came, military plane.

The end of the Reagan era, I'm like twelve
Old enough to understand the shit that change forever
They declared the war on drugs, like a war on terror
What they really did was let the police terrorize whoever
But mostly black boys, but they were coloured niggers
..while they think it's only triggers
They boost with all my...
And they would be... we have diamonds on our watches
And they would take our drugs and money as they pick our pockets
I guess that that's the privilege of police...
But thanks to Reaganomic... turn to profits
Cause free labels... to you it's economics
Slavery was abolished unless you are in prison
You think I ambush... the 13 amendment
..that's why they're giving drug to...

While Reagan was the actor, not at all a factor
Just an employee of the country's real master
Just like the Bushes clinging on Obama
Just another talking..
If you don't believe the theory, then argue with this logic
Why did Reagan and Obama both go after Qaddafi?
...going after oil
Take the country to the...
... say they're coming for Iran
They only love the rich, and how they love the...
If I take anymore, they may be on my door
Who the fuck is dead staring on my window
Doing that surveillance, I'll miss...
I'm dropping of the.. before they pop the..
I leave you with the words, I'm glad Reagan did!

Written by: Jaime Meline, Michael Santigo Render
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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