Red Hot Chili Peppers Readymade Lyrics

Readymade Readymade
Steady as the rhythm rolls
Readymade Readymade
And this is how the story goes

I've gotta cousin making beats
Deep down in Arizona

We're gonna rocket to Ramone's
In the city of Pomona

And if I give you my second sight
You got it
And if I break in two I'll stay the night
Come get it

Readymade Readymade
Baby oughta celebrate
Readymade Readymade
And now it's time to deviate

I've gotta sister making babies
With a black and decker blow torch

We're gonna fop it all night
In the middle of the back torch

Readymade Readymade
Rockin' for the sake of Slade
Readymade Readymade
Listen but don't be afraid

I've gotta brother making trouble
In the state of California

I wish I knew another way
But I'm gunna have to clone you

Written by: Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Michael U0027fleau0027 Balzary, John Frusciante
Lyrics © MoeBeToBlame, Universal Music Publishing Group

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