Stevie Stone feat. Hopsin & SwizZz Raw Talk Lyrics

Rollin' Stone Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Get Buck
  • 3 808 Bendin'
  • 4 Perfect Stranger
  • 5 Cast Out
  • 6 Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
  • 7 Oneness
  • 8 My Remedy (Skit)
  • 9 My Remedy
  • 10 Dollar General
  • 11 Raw Talk
  • 12 Goin' Down
  • 13 Mosh
  • 14 2 Far
  • 15 My Life
  • 16 The Road
  • [Verse 1: Stevie Stone]
    Sick spit, condemn em'
    Ravishing lateral moment to get em'
    I'm giving 'em (Raw Talk!)
    Check my raw talk, I nitpick
    Ya nimwit, ya b____ lips on rib tips
    Better get equipped, on crown lit, I pound hips
    Her legs spread I'm in the mid, the back dip
    For real, You's a sucka n____ hating on mine, I ain't lying
    I be laughing at you n____s half the time
    Half of you n____s is mad cuz I'm successful at rhyme
    Other half cuz your b____es want me she fuzzy inside (Raw Talk!)
    Suddenly get to speaking, I'm hanging 'round and I'm creepin'
    You n____s bleaking, I leave your head leaking (Raw Talk!)
    m________as gonna rep me, I'm letting this getting
    A little bit upsetting don't you ever disrespect me (Raw Talk!)

    Hook (x2):
    We coming, raw talking
    Sorry your b____ is flocking
    Spit real s___, I'm a A-Hole
    Got a problem with me? Put it on the table

    [Verse 2: SwizZz]
    See I'm a raw little n____, triple z
    Too cold to be unthawed, a hundred degrees
    Below zero, I'm in the booth wearing my winter fleece
    Long sleeves and ski boots strapped on my funky feet
    Every day is the same (What?)
    The same n____s that overlooked you surprisingly want a piece of the fame
    They need a drop or a shotout for me to mention they name
    Acting like groupies wantin' autographs and s___ they can frame
    But f___ it!
    That's what I'm here for, I'm speaking it raw and paving a lane
    I hopped on a flight to St. Louis to link up with Stevie
    And fiss 'em to do it them thang
    I let my nuts hang like a family photo
    Yelling "Himmi Hyme", word to the snake and bat logo


    [Verse 3: Hopsin]
    I'm raw, vicious, and immature
    And I've tried to come off humble but it didn't work
    My attitude can get me under your b____'s skirt
    If you wanna be able to make it pop like Hop then n____ you better listen first
    Take a couple notes, look:
    I ain't bringing up names no more
    And I ain't finna kill it with the same old flow
    Bang on my m_________ing head while I'm praying to God because I really hope a halo grow
    Okay now, don't play round, wack MC's better go lay down
    I'm trapped in a world that I don't wanna be in but I know that there's no way out
    I'll take n____s back to the 90's
    The west coast is where you'll happen to find me
    I hear n____s up on the radio, I'm like what happened to rapping and rhyming? (s___ who knows?)
    Not me, fakeness up in every n____ I see
    I touch a new soul every time I preach
    King of the new era I be


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