Avias Rappers In Trouble Lyrics

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yall just imagine me when i get big
graduated to cigars demolished all cigs
i know my name ring a bell and the rest of you pigs
some sudden like a beat drop when yall career ends
its avias on the mic will be the main anthem
rappers careers ended wash the rims on my phantom
and i dont have to lift a mic cause yo i am handsom
drop a couple, market double, photos and got grands
um not trying to be conceited hear the tone of my voice
but critics roaring on ya boy future driving rose royce
but i aint depending on them cause who said yo its they choice
everyday a different hater damn yall make so much noise
like my music do and my swagger too. all yall rappers need to be making
major moves
cause the show aint over to the fat lady sings better yet to im rich black
diamond rings
yall niggaz dont want to see... im just that bad
have yo baby mamas sporting all avias fads
oh did i go there yes...thats a fact
stating all you other rappers out there are whack
better yet a lame, ill change up the game
while yall sipping coors light i be downing champagne
and i write all my stuff so dont come with the bull
reeling in all yall fans they like my music PULL

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