Abaddon Incarnate Raping Ground Lyrics

The Last Supper Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nihilist
  • 2 I Hate
  • 3 The Sharing of Thoughts With the Dead
  • 4 Temple of Rancid Filth
  • 5 Vermithrax
  • 6 Vile Pleasures of Transfiguration
  • 7 Raping Ground
  • 8 When the Demons Come
  • 9 Manhead
  • 10 Forced Osculum Infame
  • 11 Hell Noise
  • Infinite Sodom and firefuck awaits

    Tear their wings from angelic flesh
    Bitch angels scream for mercy
    Tremendous agony in the raping ground

    My hommunculus in gnashing cunnifingus
    Cunt diabolus behold majestic rape war in hell

    I personally executed the jesu worm
    I laughed as his brain fell from his holy fucking head
    I personally saw to the Virgin Mary, I Laughed She wept
    Sick indulgence, depravity, majestic debauchery
    Great War in the raping ground

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