Necrodemon Rape Lyrics

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It's late at night I broke into your COCK!!!!
Your all tied up with my cock in your COCK!!!
Tell me whore, how does it feel (MY COCK)?
I'm in your ass WITH MY COCK and hard as steel
Your mind is lost, your body is raped, MY COCK IS!!!!
My perverse insanity drive to ravage, violate WITH MY COCK!!!!

There's no way out / There is no escape / FROM MY COCK!!!!
Your victim WITH MY COCK to utter fucking rape!

How you wonder where your children are (IN MY COCK)
Don't worry their watching getting psychologically scarred (BY MY COCK)
I bet you wish your husband was here WITH MY COCK
He'd only look into my eyes and run in fear FROM MY COCK
The bastard we conceive I won't be his father BUT MY COCK WILL BE HIS DADDY!!!!!!
And when I'm through with you I'll have your daughter WITH MY COCK

There's no way out / There is no escape
Your victim to utter fucking rape!

Forever etched in your mind... this horrible scene
If not in reality... I haunt your dreams
Yours and your daughter's innocence... is forever lost
When you crossed the line... you paid the cost
Now I can only laugh... about your situation
Your grief and suffering... my satisfaction!

Now as I sit here in my cell
Ready to unleash my perverse Hell
Upon the woman who I obsess
Eternally, I'll be lusting for her flesh!


Thanks to Nathan Stange for submitting Rape Lyrics.

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