Awkword Rape Lyrics

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Straight A's on the path to smth great
Straight lais states the quarter-back or let'm taste
Straight J's dipped in the glass while the girls get
Shit faced. Trays raised in hyphen class, here she sats
It's fifth grade. Beautiful, big breasted, mature young thing
Type to ruin you, so ignore that love thing
Spirit answer the music only she hearing
We all wanna be near it, for what she ain't revealing
She's confident and calm, that's how we all read it
The heart is not for sharing, it's mine for a reason
Bits and pieces, I'm grieving life not how you perceive it
She fears nobody believe it if she keeps it a secret
The key to all of her deepest and darkest feelings
Came from a happy family and a house with high ceilings
And everything was ok until she was eight
Until the day her parents ran late
Jada was raped

Sarah's born to poor parents, what with roaches and maggots
Say yawn, and toss the cabbage, left the ravage and brag(?)
Baggage, blocked by a dozen schemers, kidnappers
And all's we know what happened, this is really what the trap is
15 years old and can't get up of the matrice
And the bruise can't be covered up by make-up and fashion tips
The yellow blue and black f'you even thinkin'a slap
Do everything I demand, I wanna see love and passion
Try not to cry, tied up in this dungeon
And even if she could escape, she don't know how to function
No education, plus, no one to trust in

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