Jacobs Dream Rape of Innocence Lyrics

Demo 96 Track Listing
  • 1 Wisdom
  • 2 The Jewel
  • 3 Of Love & Sorrow
  • 4 The Violent Truth
  • 5 Sarah Williams
  • 6 Rape of Innocence
  • 7 Outer Realm
  • She said she loved me, she must have lied
    She raped my innocence and part of me has died
    I want to be your lover, I want to be your friend
    But all she wanted was a cheap one night stand

    So now I've decided that this will end
    Cause this will never happen to me again
    I make my own rules now, in this new game of sex
    So look out baby!
    I want a piece, I want a piece of your flesh
    I want a piece of your flesh!

    Honey open wide, let the love inside
    I need someone to show me I'm alive
    And I'll forget my fears and I won't shed no tears
    Taste the sweat and blood of passion's dance tonight

    Crack the whip it's time to have some fun
    A game of lust and pleasures has begun
    Two hearts bleeding racing into the night
    Keep it pumping honey, ride baby ride
    Take me to the limit!

    Never satisfied, no one sees the pain I hide
    I stand alone the child inside has died, no
    Dreams are swept aside by the hunger of this vice
    With a heart of steel I fade into the night, oh

    Slave to this vice is what I've come to be
    A sickening love for immorality
    Erotica comes to take my flesh again
    Heaven help me from this nightmare that I'm in
    Can you help me?

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