Chase N. Cashe Ransom Note Lyrics

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I start sick when I walk in,
Let my dogs get the barking, laws bringing talking,
Escort ‘em out in coffins,
Killing all competition, peeling with the riches,
But you all know the business.
Chase N. Cashe up next, I’m here to do the echoes,
Some niggers upset.
If you want the game back, you can cut a check,
Me, I’m at the top until then, looking out of thread.
This is not a swag, I’m so chill with it,
I place a lot of bets to get a mil’ ticket.
And when I strike on, tell ‘em night night
For the right price I take a flight for the right show.
Rock it down, move the crowd, then I bounce,
Grab my bitch, hit the whole town, bur an ounce.
Smoke clouds and we’re all in the double,
Public’s worst nightmare, my team here to trouble you.
Money Mane got the ear and I got the vision,
Chris Cash got the streets, real niggers with it.
Down, talking lot of shit, now these niggers scared,
How we about to kill the game off, it ain’t really fair.
Fucked up, shout about it, we don’t really care,
The money the only reason my niggers really here.
Rather kick it back, smoke a switcher pack,
But the money calling me like pookie with a crack.
I fall for it, they got me all call for it,
Niggers getting gealous, ‘cause I always got my paws on.
And make the pretty women get it all fall for it,
I ain’t worry about them, I’m trying afford all it.
Pause panorama, yellow break pass,
I’m a sure called nigger, only ride away past.
Might buy garbage trucks
So I can get this trash ass rappers to the dump side,
Who lyrics worth one mine.
My lyrics worth five, see me 20-20,
Keep it a hundred all the time, split it 50-50.
I know you’re thinking in your mind, man, this nigger spitting,
I had to show the whole world like to get busy.
A lot of women in the world trying to get even,
But I’m married to the money and I ain’t leaving.
Being a motherfucking man, such a great feeling,
When I’m looking in the mirror, seeing straight millions.
See, when I look into the mirror I see pure perfection,
Does a equal dream weapon for my pure protection.
Hidden message in my songs, hope you get the lesson,
And if you do, keep it real and treat it as a blessing.

Yeah, that’s the ransom note,
If you want your game back you gotta pay your way.
Yeah, that’s the ransom note,
So if you want your bitch back, you have to come and get that.

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