Slum Village Raise It Up Lyrics

Turn it up
New S-V

Raise it up [Repeat: x6]
Raise it up [Repeat: x8]

I ain't about ****
Nope, what me dog
I don't floss nope
I ain't that ***** Jay dee uh uh
You ain't never seen me balling out at the bar right?
I don't rock my ice and bounce foreign cars
And my Rover ain't the hottest Rover you ever seen
That ain't a TV screen
It ain't sitting on eighteens dog
I ain't gaining no green and my chain don't swing uh
I ain't doing my thing
I ain't doing a thing
I ain't got none of that dough with none of them cars
I ain't ****ed none of them hoes in none of them bars
I don't smoke weed
I ain't use to mess with this three's
I ain't from the D
No I wasn't blessed with the beats
I don't be at the spot swinging my chain like this
Swinging my thing til these ************s bang my ****
I don't sip 'Mo
I ain't never popped Cris'
This Rollie just don't look right sitting on my wrist huh?
Uh Uh wasn't me
Dip the Sean John
Sip the cham' Don
**** you want some
I don't hold heat
No I ain't never caught a case
I don't know what titles to trace
I ain't as tight as they say
I don't ball out with my click at all
But I do show *****s how to spit this bar
Flow make the hoes put the **** to jaw
S-V *****, What the **** you thought?

Raise it up [Repeat: x8]
Raise it up [Repeat: x8]

Alright, Okay, yup it was me
Yes I must admit. It was that ***** T3
Yeah Yeah I did it
Okay blame it on me
Yeah I'm that ***** that's hitting *****es that's overseas
Yes I'm that ************
Hot damn I'm a G
I'm the ***** who rip
I'm the one that emcees
Yeah. I'm that type of ***** talking trash up in your face
Okay it was me. I hit your girl up in your place
Place the ***** on the mat and sprayed the cum up on her face
Tell the chick to participate
She call me everyday
Anyway, I got a crew that always give you what you need
We don't hold it against you
If your crew ain't up to speed
See, we be them
We be them *****s S-V
You can do what you gotta do
You will never see three (three)

Raise it up [Repeat: x4]
Raise it up [Repeat: x8]

Maybe it's that ***** Titus
Maybe it's me
Maybe he's part of the group (the) S and the V
Maybe my name is Rasaul Rassi
Maybe I'm Christ?
Maybe the Sun
The One
Maybe I'm the ***** who pulled the gat first (maybe)
Pointed at the casket and blasted at the hearst
*****s they front (hard).
You just learning to roll the blunt (huh)
Been there, done that
I'm on that other ****
Gradually speeding out my body til I fell away
Maybe my crew is like an omen, from the great lake
Maybe I'm the first fish who bit at the bait (bait)
Catching a crab from a ***** on a blind date
Maybe it was Titus who paved the way
Maybe it was Titus who came to save the day
Maybe you like me. Maybe you don't. You give a **** (****)
Probably with my crew that made you raise it up

Raise it up [Repeat: x32]

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