Passenger Rainbows Lyrics

Wide Eyes Blind Love Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 The Last Unicorn
  • 2 What Will Become Of Us
  • 3 I See Love
  • 4 Rainbows
  • 5 Caravan
  • 6 Wide Eyes
  • 7 Underwater Bride
  • 8 Starlings
  • 9 Blind Love
  • 10 Snowflakes
  • Glass was shattered here
    Midst the burning smell of fear
    Dressed in plainclothes

    Bloodstain on the snow
    Looks like red wine on the clothes
    Of a sailor

    She lives in a photograph
    Waits for you to make her laugh

    Life was shattered here
    Midst a thousand mothers" tears
    We"ll need rainclothes

    And teardrops melt the snow
    Reveal the oil spill in the road
    Looks like rainbows

    Drunk upon the scaffolding
    Swinging around

    Drunk upon the scaffolding
    Laughing at the ground as he falls


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