The Charlie Daniels Band Rainbow Ride Lyrics

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I traced my footsteps through the sands of yesterday,
Back the way I came I was returning.
And then I saw me standing just across the river,
Just across the bridge that I'd left burning.

It was all reaching out to me;
Now my reflection in the water's all I see.
Back to the laughing green of summer days,
Back to the chilly golden autumn haze
To a place called yesterday.

Come on in and sit down,
It's good to be in your town.
We're gonna take you for a rainbow ride.

There's no excuse,
Not to relax and get loose,
And let us take you for a rainbow ride.

It's been a long, hard day,
But now it's time to play,
‘Cause we've got it all planned;
We're gonna strike up the band;
We're gonna take you for a rainbow ride.

When the sunlight finally blossoms way up high,
Purple shadows fall across the countryside,
We could get together for a rainbow ride.
Close your eyes and let it happen,
Bright and breezy, nice and easy.

Hold on while the music takes you way up high;
We can race the moon across the evening sky;
See the night time rainbow colors flying by.
Close your eyes and let it happen,
Rising, falling, gently calling you.

Let the evening fly away, while you're dreamin',
Come on, baby, rainbow ride with me.

Come on, take that rainbow ride with me.

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