Cletis Carr Rain Lyrics

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She's sitting in her favourite chair
Look at all that land out there
Homemade wine in her hand
She don't go for the fancy brands
Another day's work is done
Another evening soon to come
Silver clouds in an angry sky
She drains her glass
Looks like it's gonna rain tonight
He's riding on a dusty track
Thinks he should be heading back
Too little hours in the day
Too many bills left still to pay
One man against the earth
One dream left in the dirt
Pulls his hat down against the sun
He saddles up
Looks like it's gonna rain tonight

Running down an alley lane
He finds an empty doorway
He crouches down against the wind
Pulls a shoestring under his chin
Thinks about 'em on the farm
Rolls his sleeve up his tortured arm
Lights a match, heats a dirty spoon
Til the needle fills
Looks like it's gonna rain
I think it's gonna rain

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