Jim Croce Railroads and Riverboats Lyrics

The Faces I've Been Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 This Land is Your Land
  • 2 Greenback Dollar
  • 3 Pig's Song
  • 4 Gunga Din
  • 5 Sun Come Up
  • 6 Big Fat Woman
  • 7 Charlie Green Play That Slide Trombone
  • 8 Railroads and Riverboats
  • 9 Railroad Song
  • 10 The Way We Used to Be
  • 11 Maybe Tomorrow
  • 12 Stone Walls
  • 13 I Remember Mary
  • 14 Country Girl
    12" Vinyl 2
  • 1 Which Way Are You Goin'
  • 2 King's Song
  • 3 Mississippi Lady
  • 4 Chain Gang Medley
  • 5 Old Man River
  • 6 Carmella....South Philly
  • 7 Cars and Dates, Chrome and Clubs
  • 8 The Chinese
  • 9 Trucks and Ups
  • 10 The Army
  • The railroads and the riverboats
    That bred the mighty men
    That we read about and we dream about
    The men who built this land
    And the farmers and the lumbermen
    And the men who work the mills
    And the poor hard workin' miners
    Who died inside the hill

    While the rivers that flow
    Are the blood of our land
    And the trucks they keep rumbling
    On the great concrete band
    And the railroads keep pushin'
    To be all they once were
    And nature is calling
    No one's listening to her

    And the immigrants by the boat load in a dozen different tongues
    Sang of freedom in the new land
    Climb the ladder rung by rung
    Some to Boston, some to Pittsburgh
    Philadelphia and St. Paul
    And the old ways led to new days
    They were welcome one and all


    With the railroads and the riverboats
    And the breadlines far behind
    And the days we sang together long gone but still in mind
    And the men who came before us
    Men who brought us to today
    And the story still unravels from the dreams of yesterday


    Written by: Ingrid Croce, James Croce

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