Neko Case Ragtime Lyrics

The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Wild Creatures
  • 2 Night Still Comes
  • 3 Man
  • 4 I’m From Nowhere
  • 5 Bracing For Sunday
  • 6 Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
  • 7 Calling Cards
  • 8 City Swans
  • 9 Afraid
  • 10 Local Girl
  • 11 Where Did I Leave That Fire
  • 12 Ragtime
  • 13 Madonna of the Wasps
  • 14 Magpie to the Morning
  • 15 Yon Ferrets Return
  • Last night late I was watching it snow
    Always the sideways in the city
    Comes right out form the streets light you know
    Up...sideways in the city
    Cover the shades and erase the day
    This could be any evening any place
    Visit blows from left to right
    Which is funny cause the pianos play in summer time
    Form 1925
    It's actually ragtime

    After the ways of its residue
    It's laughter from the marbled room
    White crown sounds impossible
    Sound like it was me
    It says don't you worry
    Don't you worry kid we'll be seeing you
    See you when you're ready

    I'm turning up the sun and move
    Gravity is soothing
    Wines me I a sleep cocoon
    Feel myself when I'm ready
    I'll reveal myself invincible to

    I love you so I miss my strength
    I love you so I miss my strength
    I love you so I miss my strength
    I love you so I miss my strength
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