Annihilator Rage Absolute Lyrics

All for You Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 All for You
  • 2 Dr. Psycho
  • 3 Demon Dance
  • 4 The One
  • 5 Bled
  • 6 Both of Me
  • 7 Rage Absolute
  • 8 Holding On
  • 9 The Nightmare Factory
  • 10 The Sound of Horror
  • 11 Dr. Psycho (edit)
  • I'm felling anger, I feel rage
    You see it coming from a mile away
    Built up inside, I lose control
    My blood boils, I can't take it anymore
    Do what I want, do what I say
    It's you that makes me act this way
    You are my reason to un load
    And I am ready to explode

    Someone tell me why I'm feeling
    Like I want to give a beating
    Rage absolute I got rage

    This fury, it starts to build
    An eruption set to blow
    The explosion and the aftermath
    Never happened, you know
    So irritating and so frustrating
    I hate everything that you do
    But you can't leave me, you can't deceive me
    Or I'll run you

    It's in my blood, is what you say, they're all like me
    Perfectly acceptable to rage in the family

    You keep my secret, until you die
    They won't believe you, I will deny
    So run away and tell someone
    Cause I will finish you and you'll be done
    You made me do it, you brought me to it
    That's all I have to say
    Forget about it, it's all your fault
    And wipe those tears away Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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