Eazy‐E Radio Lyrics

Eazy‐Duz‐It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Still Talkin’
  • 2 Nobody Move
  • 3 Ruthless Villain
  • 4 2 Hard Mutha’s
  • 5 Boyz‐N‐The Hood (remix)
  • 6 Eazy‐Duz‐It
  • 7 We Want Eazy
  • 8 Eazy‐Er Said Than Dunn
  • 9 Radio
  • 10 No More ?’s
  • 11 I’mma Break It Down
  • 12 Eazy‐Chapter 8 Verse 10 (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.)
  • [DJ: This is radio K-EAZY-E. Hi, this is Greg Mac. Mac Attack
    And we're gonna go to the phones right now and find out what's
    goin' on. Hello, who is this ?]
    [Guy1: Yo, what's up ? This is Lorenzo Patterson]
    [DJ: Yo man, where you callin' from ?]
    [Guy1: I'm callin' from Compton and I want to hear Eazy E's new record]
    [DJ: What's it called man ?]
    [Guy1: Yo, it's called "Radio"]
    [DJ: We got it, you called the right station. And here it is...]

    Eazy E rockin' non stop on the radio
    with the funky fresh hip hop in stereo
    Release some rhymes that you will find demandin'
    with Dre's beats that are so outstandin'
    I'm gettin' busy if you know what I mean
    Always settin' me a mark in the hip hop scene
    On the radio the greatest of all times
    like Mohammed Ali cause I punch rhymes
    So tune your station, and clear all the static
    and tell the truth: you didn't know that I had it
    in me, to be easy about the situation
    So just kick it and listen to the station
    playin' my music, it's hard to lose it
    It's constantly on request cause you choose it
    I'm Eazy E, my rap is strong
    [and your radio's def when my record's on _ LL Cool J]


    [You want to know why...because...]
    I'm on the...
    [Radio (echo) _ Chuck D]

    [Dr.Dre: Yeah, ruthless radio is in effect, Dr.Dre and Yella boy is in
    system. And right about now we got Eazy E and MC Ren in the studio
    calls. So give'em a call and ask'em how they're doin']
    Hello, this is Eazy E. What's your name ?
    [Girl1: Hi, this is Joyce.
    I'd like to know if I can have your phone number?]
    Yes, it's 9-7-6...

    Now I want to turn up my box, and make much noise
    and rock the party and shock all the be -boys
    Take on my radio from phono to tuner
    I wouldn't have did it, later but sooner
    Now I move my antenna to the center
    then grab a hold of the handle and (??)
    then bust a rhyme, you know I won't quit it
    Am I lyin', Ren ? [MC Ren: Man, you know you're witty]
    Your request is clear, that you're givin'
    Without Eazy E you wouldn't be livin'
    with me on a top 10, or a mix show
    So hit your power button, and let's go
    on vacation, with your station
    that's playin' live in every location
    Blowin' out ya speaker
    it won't get weaker
    I'll keep rockin' till I hit the peek
    And your station is dope E-A-Z-why
    It's on the air, but you axe why
    I took out the cursin', and took rehearsin'
    I feel dry, you know that I'm thirstin'
    to get busy; I don't quit it
    and once you hear my cut, I know you're gonna get it
    Then bust a rhyme, while you're clappin' your hands
    It's Eazy E on the air [rockin' without a band]


    [DJ: You're on the radio, on K-EAZY-E, with Greg Mac. Don't forget to
    join us this friday night live, we'll be jammin' it uptown with my
    homeboys Eazy E, of course, N.W.A. and the whole Compton posse.
    Can't make it out but, hey, stay eazy, and stay it on K-EAZY-E...
    with more...radio]

    Now disc jockeys are playin' me in rotation
    hittin' number one spots across the nation
    I'm on the charts, you can go list'em
    but now listen, I'm on your system
    AM or FM, I'm in power
    You hear my music once every hour
    So listen up to the rhyme and percussion
    but do this with no discussion
    Eazy's easin' fans I'm pleasin'
    Why, I'm on top yo, I got reason
    With no profanity, but what can I say
    Yo Dre [Dr.Dre: What up ?] Do it your way
    On the radio you get more looser
    Take my word you're a dope producer
    We combine to put out hits
    but jealous people, they just have fits
    cause we get airplay, but we're not through
    Dre, am I serious ? [Dr.Dre: Cold word] Well thank you !
    People that hear me, they know what I'm sayin'
    On the air, I don't be playin'
    Just gettin' my point across to the public
    Rhymin' on the radio, that's my subject
    I can play [rock], but I prefer [hip hop]
    It's Eazy E on your radio non stop !


    [MC Ren: Yo, this is MC Ren, can you comprehend ? We're for bite just
    like TNT. Yo, what's the time ?]
    [Girl2: Hi, my name is Tushie and I'd like to know when I get
    paid, motha...]
    [Dr.Dre: You got ganked...
    Hello, you're on the air. What's up ?]
    [Girls: Hello, we'd like to speak to that cuty pie DJ speed]
    [DJ Speed: Yo, this is DJ speed. What's up ?]
    [Girls: The joke's on you, Jack ! Hahaha !]
    [Dr.Dre: Hello, you're on the air]
    [Guy3: Hey, what's up ? This is Nasty Naz callin' from Seattle]
    [Dr.Dre: Hey, what's happenin', homeboy ?]
    [Guy3: I'm callin' to be on Eazy E's new record, "Radio"]
    [Dr.Dre: Man, you're late. The record is already o...]

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