Marshall Crenshaw Radio Girl Lyrics

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Well I don't know what she looks like
I've never seen her face before
But I hear her on my radio
From 1a.m. till 4

She's playing all my favorite records
She tells me all the latest news
I take her into my bed each night
And she rocks away my blues

'Cause she's my girl, my radio girl
Well sometimes in the middle of the night
I call her on the telephone
When I hear her voice on the other end
I don't feel all alone

Then I ask her to play that old song for me
This is a man's man's world
She always plays it right away
'Cause she's my radio girl
She's my girl, my radio girl

Hey what's that sound
What do you call that sound
I like the stuff you play
And the things you say
Oh come on and gimme some rock music
Or some are

Written by: Kurt Neumann, Marshall Crenshaw, Sam Llanas

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