Awkword Radio 2.0 Lyrics

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Feat. KRS-One, Dug Infinite, Brimstone127 and Mista Lawnge

What do they care about audience
What do they care about music
All they care about is money

Inside the radio

Where's my plan, major radio,
Where all the rappers who gets Benz?
Really slay me, though
Like they really pissed with prostitutes
Real slaver, though? I'm serious
It's funny how they really chased them hoes
I rap about real shit, only spit when I feel it
So feel this: go to I-tunes and steal it
Every sixteen that I bite is real shit that I deal with
Never open up a can of worms unless I can feel it
While most rappers talk shit and hope to conceal it
I say what I mean and just hope that you hear it
Sincere is to take you to higher upper life
Admittedly, I'm off in awe when I write
I'm the nine to five vexy, never lie when I write
Or rely on simple sights and cast shadows that type cast
Out like a volleyball on beaches with Tom Hanks
Radio Dj's still keep up with it arms like


They play the same 5 songs on the
All day and all night on
I'd rather listen to the satellite
On the
On the
Dj's under control of the
They only play within the program
It ain't the same as it used to be
On the

For 100 years now, radio's been around
In these difficult days it's steady loosing ground
To I-Pods, internet, new ways to connect
Make me wanna call up the quest lines, connect
Frequently I skim frequencies, the freedom of choice
Not directed by a program, I commute the voice
We got nasty ductions, subliminal deductions
Corporate corrections, I rather hear nothing

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