Pain Teens RU 486 Lyrics

Destroy Me, Lover Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Cool Your Power
  • 2 Prowling
  • 3 Tar Pit
  • 4 RU 486
  • 5 Dominant Man
  • 6 Sexual Anorexia
  • 7 Lisa Knew
  • 8 Body Memory
  • 9 The Story of Isaac
  • 10 Shock Treatment
  • Now I will be all I can be, at last I'm free of my anatomy
    You can't control me any more, you can't tell me what to be
    I can walk through any door, just keep your judgements of me
    RU 486
    Now my live is all my own, I'm not forced to reproduce
    Prudes and hypocrites will moan, they're the ones that stand to lose
    There are too many of us now, we are starving every day
    The benefits are so much more if there are less of us
    We'll control our destiny, it'll take our sins away
    Ending teenage pregnancy, setting all young women free

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