Public Enemy Rltk Lyrics

Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Run ’til It’s Dark
  • 2 Get Up Stand Up
  • 3 Most of My Heroes Still...
  • 4 I Shall Not Be Moved
  • 5 Get It In
  • 6 Hoover Music
  • 7 Catch the Thrown
  • 8 Rltk
  • 9 Truth Decay
  • 10 FassFood
  • 11 WTF?
  • [Chuck D]
    5-1 not 5-0
    Ima b52
    Bomb drop non stop spitting on you
    Never have so many
    Been screwed by so few
    Call to save y'all
    So whatcho wanna do?
    At the age I'm at now if I can't teach
    I shouldn't even open my mouth to speak
    Real talk raising strong down from the weak
    Chuck d got tea party beef
    Why represent where you cant sleep?
    40 aches jackass is six feet deep
    Lost in the same space y'all call the streets
    I walk real talk across these beats

    At the age I am now
    If I can't teach
    I should even open my mouth to speak
    I bomb drop on those that be makin y'all weak
    24hours 7 days a week

    I be the king from the streets of hollis queens new york
    The only thing you get from dmc is real talk
    The cow makes beef and the pig makes pork
    I gotta walk this way 'cause it's the way I walk
    From the halls in the hood to the halls of fame
    I got that east coast flavor and that west coast game
    I jam with jackal and jesse james
    You gotta call me the king when you say my name

    [Chorus - DMC]
    I go hard for the people in the streets (real talk)
    The king of the rhymes and the beats (real talk)
    Adidas is the sneakers on my feet (real talk)
    And it's the children in the streets we gotta reach (real talk)

    I rock on real talk
    The way the side walks
    Whats up with the radio inside new york
    Underneath them streets
    Man made concrete
    Is mother earth
    And gods work
    This ain't new
    Cause y'all ain't never knew
    No tears tell your peers inform your crew
    Causetruth is truth
    No matter what I think
    I take out garbage
    When it tends to stink
    No joke no smoke
    I don't drink
    Mrchuck d
    Tweet me so we can link
    See I been your age
    You ain't been mine
    Feels like I was born a second time this rhyme I wrote
    Took a long ass time
    Leave that wackness way behind

    At the age I am now
    If I can't teach
    I should even open my mouth to speak
    I bomb drop on those that be makin y'all weak
    24hours7 days a week

    I be the good crowd rocker, the best mc
    I be the world's greatest rapper if you want me to be
    But all that crap means nothing to me
    If I can't give 'em vision and something to see
    It's more powerful than your politics
    All you stupid politicians can suck a thumb
    Me and chuck d we do not run
    Like my man said a change is gonna come
    So don't be stupid don't be so dumb
    There are no cuss words for y'all to beep
    But I am cursing out the leaders that are still asleep
    And all you wack-ass rappers, your talk is cheap
    See my talk is really real 'cause my voice is deep
    Now I used to rock rhymes with the reverend
    From run dmc there's nothing better than...
    The microphone killin', head severin'
    And if you're sick of wack rappin' I'm the medicine.

    Noise of my voice
    Voice of the voiceless
    Against the
    That sits
    So deep
    Within us
    Can't get help
    From those
    Famous just to be famous
    The powers that be separate us and hate us
    When you need em
    They go on hiatus
    They hate us
    It don't matter
    They cant mistake us
    For somebody else
    They tried to break us
    No need to dumb down or even young down
    Cause my standards
    Is high
    They cant understand it
    Some of them cant stand it
    They cant understand it
    Songwriter yall know it
    More than a poet
    Living life not lies
    So the people can know it

    At the age I am now
    If I can't teach
    I should even open my mouth to speak
    I bomb drop on those that be makin y'all weak
    24 hours 7 days a week

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