Atmosphere RFTC Lyrics

Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sunshine
  • 2 The Number One
  • 3 RFTC
  • 4 Mattress
  • 5 Don't Forget
  • You got a bag full of paint, a head full of brain
    No snow, no rain, ain't got no complaint
    Like you high on that krylon running through your veins
    You look like a war vet starin at them trains
    It's like you zen the fuck out
    Sittin in the bushes, letting all the bugs out
    One smoke one beer, when the coast is clear you disappear until your zone stoned on the fear
    Lookin at scarred box cars
    Focusing and notice one of the ones most fit
    Its like that one there, has got your name all over it
    So that one there, is getting your name all over it
    Pull a can of sky blue for the outline
    Sky for the limits, blue for the down time
    Nerves at blast, disturbin the masses of rats with these thin tips and fat caps
    Thinking bout your little brother, cause he been tryin hit the yard with you all summer
    It's a good thing that you didn't bring him along
    Cause that's when you saw the flashlights singing this song like

    [Chorus 2X]

    Run, run, run these yards
    Run, run, run don't get caught
    Run, run, run every piece understood

    It wasn't fast enough, a simple catch
    Cornered in the parking lot hidin in the trash
    You heard the footsteps, heart beatin hard
    Are you gonna have to fight with a trainyard guard?
    You stepped out on some, yup let's start this
    Puffin out your chest like you wasn't in the garbage
    And that's when the universe stopped
    Cause your looking straight at a uniformed officer
    What you think, should you run, run
    And take a chance at getting some from his stunt gun
    That ain't one on one, plus he look kinda young
    The type that might beat your ass just for fun, huh
    So tell me what the fuck are you supposed to do
    Already thinking about the cuffs holdin you
    Already got a few cases over you
    But then the police man says, no it's cool
    What, where's the punch line, can't call it
    Too many paint fumes, musta lost it
    He handed you your bag and said here, I think you dropped this
    Cause this cop grew up on hip hop

    [Chorus 2X] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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