Manafest Quit Thuggin' Lyrics

Epiphany Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Rodeo
  • 2 Skills
  • 3 What I Got to Say
  • 4 Rockin' Me
  • 5 Not Ready to Die
  • 6 U Don't Know Me
  • 7 Quit Thuggin'
  • 8 Let It Go
  • 9 Changes
  • 10 Manafesto
  • 11 Stressed Out
  • 12 My Life
  • 13 Be Yourself / Jimmy
  • Find myself with my mic in a tight spot
    There the type to pick a fight in the light or dark
    Sceneries turn mean they and mimic me
    Many men is thieves epidemically
    Calling names out who’s gonna settle it
    They use fists ignorant to break our fellowship
    Those thugs at the parties never get chicks
    Under developed kids dropping out a English
    Bunch of idiots living insignificant
    Caught in anything they’d kill a king
    No worries man be Christness got me off the crutches living righteous
    And I might just
    Hang with the likes of these common thieves, prostitutes you can say you saw me

    If I’m a live, I’m a live for my God
    And if I’m a die I’m a die for the cause
    Don’t’ matter got peace in my mind
    Day after day, let the love shine

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