Hagen Questions Lyrics

Corridors of Time Track Listing
  • 1 A Summer Air
  • 2 For Kristina
  • 3 Sundown
  • 4 Mother Nature
  • 5 Questions
  • 6 The Northwinds Blow
  • 7 Mountain Song
  • 8 Nobody's Listening
  • 9 Sweet Tender Sofie
  • 10 For Ulf
  • 11 June
  • 12 Afraid
  • 13 Remember
  • 14 Dragonfly Dance
  • Do you believe in antichrist do you believe in God
    Do you consider your pen as your sword or do you require blood
    Is love always for sale is money the tie that binds
    Would you sell your soul for fame or go down for the secrets divine
    I would sell my soul for:

    Satan or Jesus is it really all the same
    Whatever we believe in we continue to kill in vain

    Do you wanna be true to yourself or cheat and lie to get by
    Do you drive in the fast lane never slowing down to ask why
    Why are we living tell me what's the deal
    Is this heaven or hell I don't know what to feel
    Right now I feel like:very:

    The good against the evil I don't know which way to choose
    Satan or Jesus I get so confused

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