Rittz Questions 2012 Lyrics

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People ask me questions
when you gonna get a mill
you blowing up rittz
tell me how the fuck I feel
you was on a song with yelawolf right
did you sign to interscope
were you trying to get a record deal
why you sitting still
you ain't put out nothing new in a minute
but fuck truthfully I've yet to hear
you come whack on the track
matter of fact I hit your manager up
about a feature you ever check your mail
you be on twitter still
I think I messaged you a couple days ago
you ain't responded yet
you snapped on a Krizz kaliko record
you ever think you gonna get to do a song with Tech
your really snort coke
like you said you do on your record
if so then let me know cause I got the soft on deck
I thought you was soft when I first saw you
but then i listened to you I was shocked much respect
I really thought you was black
when I heard you on box Chevy really
I never checked on it to see who you was
I see you on tour with wolf now
do you think you could sign this
do you think we could speak on the bus
can I bus a freestyle for you me and you
adjust the light listen to me I rap fast like you
me and my homeboy got some produced beats
I think you would like some of the tracks we do
you want a shot
you wanna bump
you wanna smoke
you want some hoes
I've got a bitch that'll give us all head
in the hotel room you wanna go
does your girl really trip on you be on the road
is she the one you talk about in sleep at night
is that her in the video nah dummy thats a actress
my real girlfriend at home pissed
cause she on Facebook saw me take a picture with a fat bitch
what you like fat chicks
you like black chicks
why you so pussy whipped I never see you mack chicks
I don't rather get the women I just want a wife
and a normal life one day I never had shit
last year I was cooking in the kitchen
one night I made Toni Braxton a piece of cat fish
getting off work sweating changing my clothes
going to a show wearing gold fronting like i had bread
living on my last leg but you got bread now right
can you hook me up with a job
you never wanna pick up when I call
all my homies looking at me like they got some other prob
where your hair at dog I hope u ain't cut it off
I play your music all the time my homies say your the shit
besides eminem them him him and them
I swear to god you were the best
I said nah I'm next
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