Arsonists Pyromaniax Lyrics

As the World Burns Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Backdraft
  • 3 Shit Ain’t Sweet
  • 4 Pyromaniax
  • 5 Underground Vandal
  • 6 Blaze
  • 7 Venom
  • 8 Frienemies
  • 9 Lt. Worf & Chewbacca
  • 10 Session
  • 11 Shaboing
  • 12 Rhyme Time Travel
  • 13 Live to Tell
  • 14 Seed
  • 15 Lunchroom Take-Out
  • 16 Worlds Collide
  • 17 Flashback
  • 18 D-Sturbed Words
  • 19 Geembo’s Theme
  • 20 Halloween
  • 21 In Your Town
  • phone ringing....
    little girl:Monkey, where you at monkey??

    And what, rappers wanna bring it to me
    Oh, you the nicest M.C. (so so so so so)
    And what, yeah we known to blow up the spot
    Pyromaniax burning, blazing hot

    Why would you wanna challenge a guy like me, if you not clever (come on)
    Dirtier than prostitutes sweating in hot weather
    Load the spot better, than you ever will in your life
    Wanna kill and get trife, go ahead i'm just gone chill with your wife
    The only one that'll get you in a cyph and flex style
    So the next child that try to front then, I'ma pull your x-files
    That been, hidden for years, and released when i came
    Mics burn when i flame, forever remain with my name
    Deliver high pain like migraine headaches and all
    You got the nerve to stand before me, pretend you were bald
    Must be pathetic to brawl, with a M.C. lord, holding a sword
    I'ma a human microphone and my lyrics the vocal cord

    You's a fisher price king only eligible to battle
    Saddle ????
    Who are you to hassle, the epidemy of master tackle
    Buck forty nine plus tax to the max, corrision shample
    Atista Gamble, don't tangle with hard to handle
    Beats lyrical warfare up the river paddle your tackle
    Gotta a neon shadow, but still confusing like a pharoah
    ????split through travels i unravel


    Now has led you would have it, my microphone grab habit
    Excels over the plab attics, have 'em like (dag nam it)
    They pissed off, like missing the toilet
    They plans are foiled, like there wrapped in tin paper
    Burned like skin scrapper, the top kid i'll take ya
    I'm type nice, so think twice, before you hold the device
    Lyrics shot are precise, had you blind like three mice
    Me shise, must of had me mistaken for the wrong stick
    That kids cut short, I'm the one with the long cord and the track one
    i smack one rhyme at a time like kids acting up
    Wild like the fight in a club, heads is backing up
    In the meantime, disinfect your filth club, filled with clean rhyme
    Gleam like sheam shine, take you ass home to better dream mine
    Be out of town from sundown, this block ain't big enough for the both of us
    No chance of redemption like broken trust
    Who tops the bottle cap and seal the whole three liter bottle
    Rap and let it go flat
    Off duty officers in brooklyn better go strap...

    Don't knock me cuz you can't rock me
    Lyrically i'm cocky, you sloppy, refer to me as copy
    Malaki, of your style, i make a mockery of, cuz you choppy
    You should specialize in copies like kinkos
    Don't ass think yo, you beat me (hahahahaha) i don't think so
    Not even mulitiplied by cinco, you blink bro
    Now catch your career going down the sink yo
    My hits rock you dicks nots so run and get cops
    I rip shops and flip hot fat like hitchcock
    Outta space i roll with spock, lyrically kill herbs,
    When i spill verbs, direct actors like speilberg,
    Run with ill hearse (son whose the arsonists) hit me off yo
    I slice nerds and melt icebergs in the north pole
    You soft so, really awful, i rock the grand flow
    You need magic like Orlando, or must be rambo, multiplied by commando
    Tell your whole crew, i told you i wreck those too
    Make you vocal, i'm express you local, call and sick, you saw my click
    Your chances are steal it and straws and sticks

    [Chorus] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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