Raekwon Pyrex Vision Lyrics

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*****s got me behind the pot again, man
****in' wit'chall product again, man, you

The Pyrex is bubblin', the stove is broke, **** it
Use the flame from the oven, the famous dozen
Love to hit the streets, stay buzzin'
Break it down, chop it like he raided ya luggage
Drained your yellow **** in a pot, strugglin'
Tryin'a form a rock up and double it and call up my cousin
What up ??, stab it, tilt it and twirl it, spit in it
Plus put a little bit of milk and the fiends love it
Sat back confident in comfort, the light blew out
All I see is all white stuff, suds an' a 400 raise is in a bucket
70 plates, we thinkin' 10 mil a man, ***** **** it
It's on, get the bakin' soda, dump it
How many *****s'll pump to get 80 more, get it jumpin'?
Live by the code and we thumpin'
***** take this, **** around and taste a flake, ***** who drunk it?
It's all in the eyes of the hungry
It's all for the wise and the humbly
The rise came upon me

Written by: Corey Woods, Marlon Williams, Marlon Luu0027ree Williams
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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