King Los Purple Reign (Baltimore Ravens Tribute) Lyrics

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Recently inspired by the city I’m from,
and all of that we’ve been through,
just makes me realize that
there’s nothing that can’t stop us from being champions,
I dedicate this song to Ray Louis my whole city.

Came from the bottom, right to be a champ
did it on our own nobody gave us a chance
no matter the eyes keep guide in the circle,
now every time it ran we turn the whole world purple, baby
Purple reign, purple reign
Purple reign, purple reign
Purple reign, purple reign
Purple reign, purple reign
In my city we go super super hard, we go super hard,
we go super super hard.

Okay, I look like the future, the girl look like the night before
look like I got a Jordan deal,
my closet like the night this door,
let’s go for that set, she never seen much that ice before
she tryin slide but my watch gonna hit it, from the block Michael ..
..released from, but pimped on glass, I brought so hard at the club
I need it in zone dance, I ran and treat off the block, block,
straight like that, like 27s on that sheavy screaming reign right back
my soldiers ball they like bolders,
bolden no..we need that back on the tour,
you know feelin the message, that’s to my DA homies,
right in the feeling they catching, madness so really my session
all we know is the hustle, we deserve to make it out because we struggle

Thank God!

I drop top in that push and drop the push in..
now all these honeys wanna kick it like it’s .. for long
imagine me slacking on my grind,
ravin shit, let me play sinner, I’m snappin on these lines,
hold up, sayin just couldn’t get me large time,
’cause I don’t play the fifty jsut the fifty on line,
in my rolly custom racks, you know fifty large ..
haters get up on your chubby tryin to get me off mine,
hold up, ya’ll fools got dues to pack two nines like palm crew,
your crew gonna starve who, we’re gonna make that way through
we move deep the extra hit, we gotta..the great lu,
I stay true, well I skate it true, I told the kids on the block,
if I make you, you could make it to the top ’cause


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