Xentrix Pure Thought Lyrics

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Subject to your own scrutiny
Reflect on what you say
Connected indirectly
Perfect in every way
Aware of every movement
Commit to memory
Not easy to ignore but
Too easy to believe
To trust in your own judgement
And keep an open mind
Evaluation silent
Confusion killing time
Meaningless information
Implanted deep within
Hours of intense frustration
Your needs are genuine
A single thought, no shape, no form
To analyse and criticise, lost and yet unborn
Feeds on itself and wants for nothing more
Untouchable, invisible, your whole mind to explore
Your thoughts you cannot purify
The need to dominate and occupy
The urge to win and not to be ruled, you just cannot deny
Premature senility
Uncontrollable decay
A loss of your ability
All functions waste away
Untouched by conscience feeling
Invisible to all
After a time revealing
Your unable to recall
A single thought...
Your thoughts...

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