Raven-Symoné Pure Love Lyrics

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Pure love
Something you can't perchase in a store
Seems we just don't see it anymore
True when grandma said you can find it door-to-door if what your for is looking pure love

Pure love
Something you can notice from the start (from the start)
Brings you closer together, not apart
Filled with all devotion that will come with any heart, if what your looking for is pure love

It would be an invitation of lifetime
Sharing your love with someone divided
You would cherish the moment you would have together
And you'd thank the Lord above everyday
Pure love (pure love)
Unleashes the passion from your soul
Everybody need that kind of love that would go
If what your searching for is pure love everyday
If what your searching for is pure love everyday
Tha'ts what your searching for
What you are looking for
What your searching for
Looking for...
A pure love

Undeniable Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 With a Child's Heart (Uptempo version)
  • 2 I Can Get Down
  • 3 Hip Hoppers
  • 4 Slow Down
  • 5 Best Friends
  • 6 People Make the World Go Round
  • 7 Bounce
  • 8 I Love You
  • 9 Lean on Me
  • 10 With a Child's Heart (Ballad version)
  • 11 Pure Love
  • 12 With a Child's Heart (Uptempo remix)
  • 13 CH (International House mix)
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