Motionless in White Puppets (The First Snow) Lyrics

I've died one million times now I'm buried in the pavement.
Lying face down, everything went black before I even closed my eyes
And you will never know what hate is
To feel your insides burn away and want to end your life to numb the ****ing pain

So let the first snow fall
And bury me under 6 feet of regret
You've got your trophy now leave me to my hate with no regrets
I am the deepest shade of Jaded

This is a love song, a threnody for these years of worthless waste
And now my hatred's all I ****ing have left
I've never had the words to say, but I can quote them all
I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does

So Morrissey please sing me to sleep
As I live and breathe you have killed me, you have killed me
I'm not your puppet, so cut the strings and free me from your hands
Get ****ing over me

My ****ing pain is my paycheck
This is where it all begins
Two EP's and a full length later and I still can't let go of you
Precision with incision is a tedious remark

With all the visions of submission of the fibers in your heart
Penetration validation for as sick as it may seem
Is all a morbid demonstration of what helps me to sleep
**** your pretty face

I'm not your puppet.

Written by: Angelo Joel Parente, Chris Cerulli, Joshua Joseph Balz, Richard Allen Olson
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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