Off by One Punk Rock Girl Lyrics

Off by One Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 [untitled]
  • 2 Cinderella
  • 3 Been Alone
  • 4 On My Way
  • 5 Untouchable
  • 6 Change
  • 7 Deja Vu
  • 8 Try
  • 9 Need
  • 10 Punk Rock Girl
  • 11 Mr. Universe
  • 12 High School
  • 13 Torn
  • 14 Finish Line
  • Cause she's not like him she's a punk rock girl

    Friday night last week he saw this
    Girl that he thought was the coolest
    Black hair spiked belt she was a punk chick
    All he wanted was her


    Well she's a punk rock girl all alone in this little world
    She's looking for someone to blame
    The stories that her daddy told
    weren't all true and got real old
    And now she's running away

    He wonders aimlessly and he doesn't know where she could be oh no
    Cause all he wants is just one night alone

    The next time he saw her was back at school
    at lunch time smoking she was to cool
    he walked up to her to ask her out
    and she said no way in Hell


    Well she is not like him he's to into school
    She always goes to shows on Friday night alone
    She's looking for a guy to go to shows with her
    Could it be Jonny

    A week past and Jonny finally got courage
    He walked up to her and then said lets go
    She said ok are you the same guy
    He said baby I'm yours

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