Ransom Puffy Dance Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Ransom]
Trick wants game, who? they ain't what Ran do
Know a lot of niggas that'll love to command you
Ran 9/11, white legs, but the lamb blue
Let the broads get it, that's the one thing I can't do
Brought her to the crib, she ain't never want to leave
Put the same clothes on, now she's sweating out of weed
Wait a second I believe, she was checking my degrees
Told a nigga hit it raw, I ain't catching your disease
I know you wonder why she even in the house
Told her make herself at home, now I feed up on the couch
Tried to give her ass a hint, like I'm leaving you, I'm out
Told me keep it on the low cause you're cheating on your spouse
Peg Bundy, married with a baby
Found a nigga daddy get some karats for his lady
Knocked up with that, I wouldn't have that if you paid me
Where you live? Right here? Get your ass out my Mercedes

[Verse 2: Dibiasi]
Fuck you, leave you, that's what Di do
Busy chasing money, I'mma see you when I see you
Tell it to your face, boo, I'm not the one to chase you
Replace you, erase you, and that's word to Jesus
Had to dress every day, a freak of flying
In the malls every day, I'mma frickin' buy you?
You just talk about it, you're a freaking liar
Trying to be like me, but you can't I frikin try you
Back to baby girl, trying to rock your lady world
Lift her in the air like ways doing baby curls
I'm the Bench & Givenchy
Jumping in and out the Bentley, same color as ment leaves
That's why these nigga resent me
If not that, there's a bitch who is envi-
First she fell in love, with that nigga
Then you fell in love with me cause I'm that nigga

[Verse 3: Jane Doe]
I was in one bedroom, living in the projects
Studios on a yacht, cash on my concepts
Was a young lady, born in the 80′s
Whip sweet like pastries, 80 on the Mercedes
If Anna made me Django getting crazy
Ran come for the lady, AK's and 3 80′s
Ladies wanna taste me, niggas wanna date me
Cut offs and pasties , butts off then taste it
I be like nigga please, Jane everything a nigga need
Heart so cold, I don't know how they be sweating me
Using these niggas, they be mad but they be letting me
Pussy have them make them beg, call like they're referees
Best believe these bitches try everything to get to me
My hands in the sand, layed up under the canopy
Pink and black Glock like what you think though
Butt to the head: Ocho Cinco
It's ridiculous what niggas do to get look at this
How they're stalking me, twit pic-ing this
Never hitting this, none of y'all ever getting this
All my exes out in Texas, force to reminisce
‘Member this, Jane as good as it gets
I'm the vet, no Khaled, but I swear that I'm the best
Watch me kill ‘em with the no, I don't even break a sweat
That's the bet, get it, go ahead dady, cash the check

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