Cypress Hill Psychodelic Vision Lyrics

I'll admit, I was a wild seed when I was a kid
Slanging dope, poppign Shroomz and dropping lots of sin
Psychedelic visions would ensue
My view feelin the alter-states as they altered my fate
But I ?, all that distorted **** brought it up
I came short and couldn't afford to store it up
So I began to record it on audio
The autobiography of Luis Mario
Something that's unbelievable, inconceivable
That half the **** I set out to do was achievable
But alas, look at all the **** come to pass
While we remained strong, others broke like glass
'cause you lack style, and you need all the help brother
'cause you're fragile, and it should say it on your cover:
This side up, for the celebrity
Who lacks intelligence, integrity, intensity
Oh it's true, I got you in that angle like Kurt
But don't go getting your ****ing feelings hurt
I spit many bars of heat, that burn like a furnace,
I pour rhymes out like coffee spilling out your 'dermis

[Chorus: x2]
I got my 9mm at my waist, papa
I got my shotgun in the escalade, papa
If you feel groggy then jump and get sprayed, papa
I don't want to but you dug your own grave, papa

You know me and you've grown with me
And if I had a big enough pad, I'd take you all home with me
I don't walk around with bodyguards, that's not me
I'm hangin out with the people as my posse
Used to have a lot of enemies with bad intentions
Spreading gossip like disease, creating lots of tension
People turn around when you become a star it seems
But others hate you all 'cause you've fulfilled all your dreams
They smile in your face and act like nothing's wrong
When you turn your back, they hate, and play one of your songs
Why don't you take your mask off, look me in the eye?
You afraid I might blast-off and call you on your life?
Take a deep one, and peep son
Retribution comes around more than once, like a re-run
You're a cheap one to kill, so steep son
You're just another one who gets thrown in the quay, son


You know they smile in your face,
You know they try to take space
I let you punks know you ain't safe
'cause you know you're just dead-weight
But at the present day they getting stalled out for some
But not from me, because it's punk-hunt season
Charged with high-treason, I'm easing the blow never
The ? that you're leasing, ain't gonna roll forever
So think about that, is it worth the pain?
When you flirt with pain, ***** you don't hurt your brain
But you're thick-headed, numskull and Rick said it:
It was the moment you feared, when my venom spread

[Chorus: x2]
You know they smile in your face
You know they try to take space
I let you punks know you ain't safe
'cause you know you're just dead-weight

Written by: Larry Muggerud, Louis Freese
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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