Vanilla Ninja Psycho Lyrics

Vanilla Ninja Track Listing
  • 1 Tough Enough
  • 2 Guitar and Old Blue Jeans
  • 3 Why
  • 4 Club 'Kung-Fu'
  • 5 Nagu rockstaar
  • 6 Purunematu
  • 7 Inner Radio
  • 8 Outkast
  • 9 Toxic
  • 10 Spit It Out
  • 11 Psycho
  • 12 Klubikuningael
  • 13 Polluter
  • 14 Vanad tehsud ja kitarr
  • 15 Sugar and Honey
  • 16 Club 'Kung-Fu' (d'n'b remix)
  • As I wake up every day
    All I know is I’m too tired
    Can’t find the strength in me
    To put up with your suspicions
    All the crap you’re telling me
    In those mails you’re sending me
    You claim that I’m a cheater
    And that I do not deserve you
    If it’s how you see those things
    Then soon I won’t be near you
    So just keep that in mind
    That althought you look damn fine
    You don’t rule my world
    I’m an independet girl

    There is a psycho
    Hidden under
    Underneath your skin
    Is it forbidden for me
    To deal with my own things
    There is a problem for you
    If you keep harrassing me
    It’s time you realized that there
    Is a psycho in your skin

    Keep calling up my friends
    To make sure that I am with theam
    Do I need to remind you that
    I already have a mother
    You’re a master in disquise
    Hoping I won’t recognise
    That you’re everywhere I go
    You don’t really trust my a bit
    The situation makes me mad
    I’m giving you my final warning
    I am a crazy girl
    And to get on my nerves
    Is a risky thing
    Now hear what I sing

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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