Waterdeep Psalm 18 (bonus track) Lyrics

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I call to the Lord who is worthy of praise
And all my enemies don't know where to face
The chords of death have entangled my feet
I cried to you and from your temple you heard me and rescued me
The earth quaked and the mountains shook
Smoke rose, the clouds parted with just one look
He reached down from His heavenly home
he drew me up from the water's deathly hold

So I'll sing Haleluia
Haleluia Praise the Lord

He rode down on the wings of the wind
The darkened clouds were like a canopy around Him
He shot his arrows and He scattered my foes
With bolts of lightning they all became exposed
He brought me out to such a spacious place
He saved me cause He loves me and He's full of grace
And I'll be trying 'til the day that I die
To hold tightly to His ways and never live in lies

[Chorus x2]

You oh Lord keep my lamp bruning bright
My God turns my darkness into light
With my God I can scale the wall
With your help I can win a war and not even fall
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer
And lets me stand on the heights high above my fears
He makes palm fronds beneath my feet
So my ankles don't turn in and ruin me

[Chrous x6]
Thanks to Jeff B for submitting Psalm 18 (bonus track) Lyrics.

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