Pain Teens Prowling Lyrics

Destroy Me, Lover Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Cool Your Power
  • 2 Prowling
  • 3 Tar Pit
  • 4 RU 486
  • 5 Dominant Man
  • 6 Sexual Anorexia
  • 7 Lisa Knew
  • 8 Body Memory
  • 9 The Story of Isaac
  • 10 Shock Treatment
  • This dark hunger burning like a fire deep within me
    Its anguishing throb seems to overtake my body
    Penetrates every pore until it feels as if I could explode
    But no explosion sets me free
    Now, for the first time, I feel completely alive
    A savage creature engorged with heat and desire
    Prowling to satisfy my most essential need
    My need to transform primordial energy

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