1000 Hertz Protect the Fall Lyrics

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We'll set fire to the only device fuelled by a lack of belief.

We sleep in the fields of injustice, we live deceived,
We rest on the edge of corruption, we protect the fall.
As time passes us by, we fade away, our cries are not heard.
With time, we have become numb, no longer we stand with heads held up high.
Input The Output Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Give Me An Amen !!
  • 2 Wake Up Call
  • 3 A Grave Fit, Made and Dug for a Nation
  • 4 Protect the Fall
  • 5 Immobilised
  • 6 Systems Fail
  • 7 Hello I Have No Hope
  • 8 Down and Out
  • 9 Fallen Ground
  • 10 One Too Many
  • 11 Silence Means Everything
  • 12 Static Believer
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