Blink-182 Prom Night Falling in Love Lyrics

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"Falling In Love" by Some Band

Prom night, I couldn't find someone to go with
Broken-hearted I went by myself
Then I saw her

Standing alone across the room
Shining brighter than a full moon
Yeah she was so beautiful

Walk over and asked her if she wanted to dance
She smiled so lovely and then said yes
Then singin' and laughing havin' so much fun
Then singin' and laughing and falling in love

I couldn't believe it
You were just what I always dreamed of
How can this happen to a guy like me

And then they turned the lights down low
And the music played real slow
And touch of you took my breath away

Holding you tightly in a warm caress
I've never been so close to heaven
As precious as a swan swimming through a pond
That night we both had fallin' in love
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