Amebix Progress? Lyrics

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Progress? That's just regression
Technology? That's nothing new
"Advance!" you scream insanely
"Advance"? From this to what?

And every time you smile, I smell decay, killer!
Your empty eyes stare, cold and grey, look at that face!

Machinery (master?), we're all expendable
It's just so obvious, it's more dependable
This progress will mean a number
Branded to your skin

They lead you to your slaughter
Like they lead a horse to water
They can't force you to drink
But you do!

No Sanctuary Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Control
  • 3 Progress?
  • 4 Sanctuary
  • 5 The Church Is for Sinners
  • 6 Sunshine Ward
  • 7 Moscow Madness (No Gods, Part 2)
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