I Mother Earth Production Lyrics

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This man
May have a shitload to prove
He's got to settle a score
Against the groove
Infinite orgasm
Like endless joy and pain
Thunder to my ears
Like a holy rain

An aural wall of waking
Awash in purple paint
And a digging
Of the flowers in your yard
Electric rays of healing
Intensify the feelingof hatred
Towards the things you say
I ain't

Fear a man-child
Has soul and semen
Pathetic thought he thinks
Heard you caused a landslide
Walking home
Saw you slide the man-child
Under your coat

Product of your generation
Product of your masturbation
Product of a master plan
Product of a holy man
Product of infanticide
Product of decaying minds
Product of mass corruption
The product
And its production

Written by: Andrew P Koshowski, Christopher Koshowski, Edwin C Ghazal, Franz J Masini
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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