Hades Process of Assimilation Lyrics

If at First You Don't Succeed Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Opinionate!
  • 2 In the Meantime
  • 3 Rebel Without a Brain
  • 4 King in Exile
  • 5 Face the Fat Reality / Outro
  • 6 I Too Eye
  • 7 Diplomatic Immunity
  • 8 Process of Assimilation
  • 9 Tears of Orpheus
  • 10 Aftermath of Betrayal (The Tragedy of Hamlet)
  • 11 Finale
  • 12 M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties)
  • Process of assimilation
    You're the one who used to say
    "My goals will never change,
    However long they take to reach!"
    "I'm no feather in the wind
    I'll triumph with a grin"
    You spoke with such conviction
    Process of assimilation
    How quickly you changed your tune
    When time gave you room
    To grow toward your desires
    You claimed "change" helped you mature
    Believe me I was sure
    That you were trying to convince yourself
    Your problem, I thought, was a weak frame of mind
    But noticing your smile, I saw the problem was mine!
    We're all searching for contentment with blinders on
    We've got to learn to be objective
    Before life itself is gone!

    Written by: Tecchio Lorenzo
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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