Troy Ave Prize Fighter Lyrics

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Man, fuck the conscience man
I can pay no bills with no motherfuckin conscience man
I sell more ganja for 10 dollars nigga
10 motherfuckin dollars nigga
You’re fuckin bout no conscience nigga
Yay shit

I used to be hiding from bitches with long hair
Til I found out it was wigs that they wear
I used to think man these niggas is so real
But they don’t do shit when they homies get killed
Nigga we the killas, see me in chinchilla
See me guaranteed in your bitch if I fill er
A known drug dealer, foreign 4 wheelers
Your ho got a DK but she don’t fuck with us
That’s a fact, stay black, stay strapped
Huey P Newton and the P stand for pack
Keep it G nigga, I keep the keys nigga
We toss some shit out, man play free Flickr
Dope gang, swag out on propane
Aye blow my head off but I’m no Cobain
I do got the heavy metal on my hip
Meddle in my money and I’m scheduling your RIP

Fresh up out the crack spot
Dealing mad guap, block about to get hot
Play around and get shot
Really need the hip-hop, glock like a white hook
Pound like the hay maker
Adding up this paper to assimilate the may weathers
BS babies chase cheddar
Niggas get your face wuddup
Pound pair of rituals
Always keep it hardcore, give these streets encore
Selling crack on call, right up in yo building
Nigga I’m from Tilden, taking no prisoners
Any street sister, chop it down in Koshington
I ain’t even playing Jack, roamin with your fuckin queen
Just cuz I’m the fuckin king acing out your fuckin team

Product of my environment
I could tell you I ain’t getting money but you could take a look
There’s no denying it
Keep your wall stories, I ain’t interested in buying it
I’d rather pay for the comfort for you to go and lye in it
If it ain’t about big money then hold your thoughts
I’m too busy turnin this paper chase into a sport
Runnin laps around these lil niggas, no remorse
Fast break, 3 to 1, I’m pulling up half forward
I’m like Jordan at the buzzer, Kobe at the line
LeBron through the lane, Reggie Miller at touch time
Ballin on these niggas, I’m the rookie of the year
I’m fuckin er first night, you’ve been chasin her all year
It’s the YSL smellin, hard and I’m sagging
Pornstar swag, my life sponsored by Magnum
Fuck em then I pass em, I’m leavin em in the siss
Pick em then I roll one, I’m pleasing yo bitch
6 stacks on the bench like I play for the Knicks
But the local one to credit raised New York bricks
UG lay back, killin on some New York shit
But I flip and admit it nigga, New York quit bitch

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