Atmosphere Prides Paranoia Lyrics

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"This was the year he fell to pieces
and ironically
this was the year
when more people then he knew even existed
scrambled to put him back together again
and as they tried
they didn't notice that he was smiling
smilin' his ass off
no pun intended
oh what have we become?
oh what have you become?
not allowed to kick the feet up and sleep until it's done
ground control, ground control to Major Tom
we found a hole in your theory and we named it Sean
and when the leaves fall the land looks more human
it's got me questioning the essence of my farm boy blues
hence, I never wore the fashions of the know-what-I'm-doin'
but there won't be no alarm when we sound up the movement
a river runs through it until I'm made outta fluids
my fathers name is Art and my name's Pride
and while my destiny reads the recipe for confusion
I'm lookin for whoever writes so empty inside
as the paneling comes unglued
I'm averaging a camel every hour as a substitute for food
out, standing in this field
waiting for the storms
trying to teach the alphabet to the children of the corn
yo, the music ain't loud enough
I can still hear the voices in your head
the choices they've chosen to choose temporarily impaired me
I'm terribly proud
if you don't turn it up louder
I'm breakin' out
I face the sun when I talk
and I hold his hand as I walk him across the street
got caught inside of a self-taught
it just don't stop
and I'll trade you a parable for a probably
kick this one for St. Paul and this for Minneapolis
and kick this one here for me and my super hero complex
and when I can I'm gonna build a castle that touches the clouds
not to get closer to God
but to get further from ya'll"
Thanks to Rodrigo Pacheco for submitting Prides Paranoia Lyrics.

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