Trey Songz Pretty Girl's Lie Lyrics

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She grew up without a father
Never knew how to love a man
She's addicted to breaking hearts and moving on
So I never really stood a chance
And a sparkle lid your eyes
They shine so flawless I'm amazed
Blinded by an angel's face
It's the sweetest poison in one kiss
And now you got the venom in your veins
Believing everything her lips say

Pretty girls lie
Lipstick in her smile
Makes you want to believe
But pretty girls hide
Pain so deep inside
She can't even see
Pretty girls lie

Pretty girls lie

Got you walking through a maze, yeah
Eyes closed tryin' to find your way
Got your arms reached out
Hoping she gon' make a sound
Cause she don't wanna be found
But she'll tell you come anyway
And you don't know the difference
From the real or the fake
Devil in a dress, but an angel in the face
They're forever yours but it's only for the day
Is it real when you calling my name?


Wanna give the benefit of the doubt
The best in her, I wanna help bring it out
I know something's missing inside
If you let me I can show and prove
Girl there ain't no running from the truth
She says I'll be there
Girl don't just tell me what I wanna hear


That's a pretty face and
She did find a way
That's a beautiful girl
Lost in the world
Can't trust what she says
After so many break-ups and make-ups in life
Could've been making love and end up in a fight
Don't tell me why
Pretty girls lie

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