Sara Bareilles Pretend Lyrics

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I know we're headed for the open road.
Don't know where to go.
We've got our separate ways in the same direction Getting nowhere slow.

We saw the end was coming, the credits rolling in
A few hundred miles back
Oh but our horizon tends to be deceiving
You never quite know where it's at.

Baby can we just pretend we're not telling lies and this ain't ending.
No talk no time no goodbyes.
Nothing left of expectations just you and me and impulsive creations,
With an alibi.
If a moment is precious for it's brevity
Then this one's good as gold.
It's a compromise of little white lies
The truth remains untold.


Do what you will but don't go darlin'
No story ends before it's started
Final words and we'll be on our way
One last thing my dear departed
Save tomorrow for the broken hearted
Don't let it break today

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