Reset Pressure Lyrics

No Limits Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Know, I Know
  • 2 Pollution
  • 3 Planet Earth
  • 4 My Dream and I
  • 5 Let Me Go
  • 6 Pressure
  • 7 The End
  • 8 What Now?
  • 9 Blew It Off
  • 10 Wide Open
  • 11 Big Brother
  • 12 Friend
  • 13 Double Cross
  • Everyone is staring
    Down at me again
    Something's lacking
    My friends
    Never let me in
    I feel the pressure
    Pushing me
    It's pushing me again
    I can't take much more
    Not any more,
    Not any more I feel
    That I've been pushed and
    Held again the wall
    No one, knew
    How I felt inside
    I feel, the walls are
    Falling down
    Inside my mind
    I need, some time
    To get away
    Why can't anyone
    Just listen
    Leave me all alone
    How come no one
    Understands me
    Leave me all alone

    Written by: Nowell Rhys Fulber, Mateus Oliveira Araujo, Renato Carvalho De Souza, Pedro Gabriel De Barros, Bicente Junior De Paula Silva, Jorge Luiz Rabelo Neves
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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